Bournemouth University Screening

Bournemouth University Screening

It was a pleasure to screen My Brother the Islamist yesterday at Bournemouth University. I studied for a BU degree at Weymouth College, so it was especially meaningful. Big thanks to Sue Sudby, Ceri Higgins, Murray Weston and Claudia Walliman for making me feel so welcome and of course for inviting me and making it possible.

And thank you to all students who attended!

It wasn’t long ago that I was a student, so it was very humbling to meet so many people with such obvious and great potential- hopefully people I will come across and work with in the future!

The questions were great, really thoughtful and intelligent; they had me thinking and reflecting on the train home, so I definitely benefited from the experience, as I really hope all else did too.

Hoping to come back and do similar in the future…

And hoping that those who were asking questions will be answering them in not too long.

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